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To receive your Commemorative Ornaments see Megan at the Minersville Borough Hall (570-544-2149) Hours 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Mon - Thurs, and 8 AM to 3:30 PM on Fridays. Don't miss out - own a piece of your history today!

The Minersville Area Historical Society sells Commemorative Ornaments as a way to preserve pieces of our past for future generations.  Produced by Nations Treasures Company, these detailed ornaments are made of durable, high quality genuine 24K gold flashed brass, which means they will not tarnish with age and so they will retain their original beauty and remain lasting cherished collectables. Included in each box is a history of each piece (exerpts included below).  Makes a great gift. Stop by the Minersville Borough Hall to get yours now!

 To print a mail order form go to:  http://minersville.net/order_ornaments.html  


The Minersville Train Station  $15.00 each

The original Minersville Train Station ornament has sold out. But in 2013, the Minersville Area Historical Society and the RR113 Project have teamed up for a re-creation of the ornament for the 100th Anniversary of the Minersville Train Station. 

The train depot openened April 1913. In the 1920's, at its peak, there were 24 arrivals and departures daily. WW1 troops departed and returned at this station. The last passenger train ran in October of 1924 due to the decline of coal. The Station remains an iconic building today.

Buck Run Trinity Chapel  $15.00 each

Still an active church in "the patch", the Trinity Chapel Church  was established in the early 1900's.  It was constructed with local sandstone by local volunteers and stone masons from England and was supervised by James B. Neale who owned the Buck Run Coal Company and the Canmore Coal Company in Alberta, Canada.  Mr. Neale climbed the Middle Sister's Mountain in Canada and brought back a stone which he had placed in the wall on the right side of the altar so that a piece of his sister company would always remain in Buck Run. The current congregation works to maintain this historical structure.


First National Bank of Minersville   $18.00

The Bank is our latest ornament for sale. The price increase reflects the cost of manufacturing. Established in 1864, reorganized in 1987, and merged with Gratz Bank in 2015. Remained one branch for 150 years.



Mountaineer Hose Steam Engine   Sold out

On October 14, 1887, the Steamer was purchased from the Good Intent Hose Co. of  Pottsville for the price of $1,200.  It has been the property of the Mountaineers ever since.


Minersville High School 1910

The first public school in Minersville was on South Street. After Minersville became an independent district in 1843, construction began on the Second, Third and Fourth Street Schools. In 1910 the High School was built on the Fifth Street site. Due to increasing enrollment, a new wing was added in 1929-1930. This wing saw the addition of science facilities, a gymnasium, a new auditorium and new classrooms.


Minersville High School  $15.00 each

This building was used as the High School until 1972 when the present High School on the Big Hill was occupied. The Fifth Street School was then used as the Minersville Area Elementary Center. The Fifth Street School has been home to many students, teachers and staff and will always be remembered fondly as "The Home of the Battlin' Miners".


1931 Hahn Fire Truck on parade

The Forestville Citizens Fire Company purchased the Hahn from the Hahn Motor Company in Hamburg in 1930 for $4,600. Always kept in mint condition, the members proudly took it to every parade adorned with American flags.


Forestville 1931 Hahn Fire Truck  $15.00 each

On October 28, 2008, an electrical fire at the Forestville Fire House totally destroyed their beloved Hahn. All that was salvaged were two pieces - a smooth bore hose nozzle and the brass hood ornament. All were devastated at its loss. In its 75 years of existence, the Hahn was never taken out of service. 


The Lytle Coal Company

The Lytle Colliery was in operation in Primrose from c. 1889 to c. 1950.  It was a complete processing plant and was known to be the deepest mine in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania and the largest employer of men from the Minersville area and all of Schuylkill County.


Primrose Lytle Colliery   $15.00 each

The ornament shows the head frame, which brought the coal to the surface; the breaker, where the coal was processed; and the mine cars which carried the rock to the spill banks. Trains at that time were "coal fired" and transported the coal to the cities for use in homes and industries.